Top 5 Trending Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower has traditionally been a standard affair for the mom-to-be and her close friends and relatives.  Now there are even more baby shower ideas and themes in the blogosphere to make it easy to help the new mom (and dad!) celebrate the arrival of their bundle of joy.  We hope our tour of the top 5 trending baby shower ideas, including cute baby shower invitations, decorations and more, will inspire you to throw the perfect party for the mom-to-be in your life.

1 – Baby Sprinkle Shower

baby sprinkle baby shower ideas
Teal Elephant Baby Sprinkle invitation by Invite Shop.

The baby sprinkle is a new twist on the traditional baby shower, often for mothers expecting their 2nd, 3rd  (or more!) addition to their family and are typically are less formal than a traditional baby shower.  They can also be shorter in length than a traditional shower and in an “open house” type of format.

At a baby sprinkle, it’s a nice idea to incorporate siblings or kids into the festivities.  It can be stressful for the mom-to-be to find childcare, so why not invite some playmates and plan activities for the kids play in the basement or backyard. Hiring a babysitter for a small group of kids would be much appreciated by the guest of honor.

Baby sprinkle shower decorating ideas courtesy of PopSugar.

When decorating for a sprinkle you don’t have to go all out.  The best part of this baby shower idea is that it can be very casual. There are a lot of easy decorating ideas built into the sprinkle theme.  Of course, a raindrop theme works well.  Also consider using sprinkles with a cupcake or ice cream bar theme.

Sprinkle-Baby-Shower-Party-Ideas (1)
Baby sprinkle cupcakes courtesy of PopSugar.

There’s not much guidance on what gifts are appropriate for a baby sprinkle, but oftentimes the answer is  “no gifts, please” with that wording added to the baby sprinkle-themed shower invitation.  While gifts for a traditional baby shower help a new mom stock her nursery with must-have items, sprinkles are primary thrown to celebrate the new baby.  Some cute ideas for modest gifts include having a book sprinkle (bring your favorite book for baby), a hair bow sprinkle (for the mom who is having a girl after a boy (or two, or three) or a diaper sprinkle (because any new mom needs more diapers).

2 – Sip & See Shower

sip and see baby shower ideas
Purple Pattern Sip and See baby shower invitation by Invite Shop.

Some pregnancies are just a bit more chaotic that others.  If the mom-to-be has delivered early, is on bed rest or just has a difficult time scheduling a baby shower, then a Sip & See shower is the perfect solution.  The Sip & See baby shower is a time for close friends and family to come and see the baby after it’s born. They are typically thrown 3 weeks to 3 months after the baby is born. Think of it as a show-and-tell scheduled on the new mother’s terms.  It’s also nice for the mom to be able to schedule one time for most friends and family to stop by rather than having to juggle many, unannounced guests during those first few hectic months.

Sip and See baby shower ideas courtesy of Kate Aspen.

Sip & See showers do not have elaborate decorations or an extensive buffet.  Simple finger foods will do.  If the guest of honor is not breastfeeding, it’s the perfect time for a toast to the new bundle of joy with a celebratory cocktail.  The focus of this shower is traditionally on the baby rather than the mom.  And many moms like it that way!  Unlike a traditional baby shower, the baby’s name will likely have been announced prior to the party so personalization options for baby shower invitations and gifts are a great special touch.

sip and see baby shower ideas
Sip and See baby shower ideas from Memorable Moments Studio.

According to Beyond the Essential Events, adding gift registry information to a Sip & See baby shower invitation is an etiquette no-no.  But we think bringing a small token or memento for mom or baby is perfectly appropriate.

3 – Gender Reveal Shower

gender reveal baby shower ideas
Pink and Blue gender reveal baby shower invitation by Invite Shop.

Finding out whether baby is a boy or girl is a big moment.  Why not amp up the drama and include your friends and family in on the surprise.  Gender reveal showers often include couples and a wide variety of guests who want to learn the baby’s gender.

gender reveal baby shower ideas
Gender Reveal baby shower idea courtesy of Babble.

There are lots of cute ways to make the final reveal so that it’s a surprise to everyone, oftentimes including the mom and dad:

  • It Takes the Cake – Have the obstetrician or ultrasound technician put the baby’s gender in a sealed envelope and provide to a bakery or friend who is making the cake.  A bit of blue or pink food coloring in the cake covered by frosting will make for a tasty surprise once the cake is cut at the party.
  • Up, Up and Away – Have a trusted friend or family member buy pink or blue balloons filled with helium and seal them inside a box to be opened during the party, launching the appropriate color of balloons to the sky.  Another twist on a balloon reveal is to fill helium balloons with a bit of pink or blue confetti.  On the count of 10 guests are asked to pop their balloons with a pin and the appropriate color of confetti will float down.
gender reveal baby shower ideas
Gender Reveal baby shower idea courtesy of Dreamtown.
  • Chalk it Up – Guests and guests-of-honor are required to where a white t-shirt.  As the time approaches for the reveal, everyone is provided with a small jar of appropriately colored chalk.  On the count of 3 everyone opens the jar and throws the chalk.  Remember to have a photographer ready for this picture-perfect photo opportunity.
  • Be Silly – Cover cans of pink or blue silly string with brown kraft paper to disguise the label.  Hand one out to each guest and on the count of three, fire off the silly string to reveal boy or girl while having a little fun.
  • Baby Ballot –  Have guests vote for pink or blue as they enter the party.  Once the gender has been revealed, the correct votes win a prize!

You might have been wondering, should I bring a gift to a Gender Reveal party? According to the Toys ‘R Us party planning guide, guests are not expected to bring a gift to a Gender Reveal party or shower, particularly if the couple will also be having other showers as well.  It’s mostly for the fun!

4 – Couples Baby Shower Ideas

couples baby shower ideas
Brown BabyQ couples shower invitation by Invite Shop.

More and more, showers are thrown to honor both the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be in a co-ed baby shower.

Outdoor barbeques are popular couples baby shower theme with hearty fare of burgers or beef for all the guests.  Activities can include volleyball, horseshoes, cornhole or croquet.  If you’re planning on traditional baby shower games, remember to let the men in on the action.  Some ideas include:

couples baby shower ideas
Couples baby shower ideas courtesy of Apothecakery.

Create a “Diaper Olympics” game.  Divide guests into two teams and have a relay race to wipe, powder and diaper a baby doll.  Whichever team does it the fastest wins a prize.  Another game the guys seem to like is “Make a Baby.”  Each guest is provided with small pieces of PlayDoh to create the best baby possible with the guests of honor picking their favorite.  The results are pretty hilarious.

5 – Pamper-the-Mommy Shower

This shower is focused all on the mom and is a perfect shower theme for moms having their 2nd or 3rd baby.  The idea is to keep it focused on making the mom’s life a little easier.  Activities could include making or even applying homemade scrubs and masques.

pamper mommy baby shower ideas
Pamper Mommy baby shower ideas courtesy of DIY Network.

Scooping homemade beauty treatments into pretty little bottles make a wonderful party favor for guests.  Or, if you’re feeling generous, hire a masseuse or nail artist to provide spa treatments for the guests and guest-of-honor.  Just make sure to ask which treatments are recommended for those who are pregnant.

pamper mommy baby shower ideas
Pamper Mommy baby shower idea courtesy of DIY Network.

What are the latest trends or baby shower ideas you’re loving? Let us know in the comments below!

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