7 Fun 50th Birthday Party Ideas

50th birthday party ideas

Some people don’t want their friends to know they’re turning 50 and officially over the hill. Others can’t wait to blare the news to the world with a well-planned birthday bash. If you or the birthday guy or gal fall into the second category, you’re probably looking for 50th birthday party ideas that will make this milestone birthday a day to remember. Below, we share 7 fun ideas that appeal to both men and women, complete with inspiration for inexpensive 50th birthday invitations and tips for making the party enjoyable.

50th birthday party ideas
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1.) Bowling Party

A bowling party is a great way to get the birthday guy or gal’s friends together to enjoy some brews while knocking down pins. You’ll want to reserve your lanes a couple months in advance, as they can get booked up quickly for parties and bowling league events. As far as the celebration itself, you can either reserve a party room at the bowling alley for cutting the birthday cake or opt for laneside service so that bowling can continue uninterrupted. Let your guests know that the party is coming up with bowling themed 50th birthday invitations, like the example below.

50th birthday invitations
Tan Striped Bowling Shirt Birthday Invitation from Invite Shop

Make the party memorable by ordering personalized bowling shirts for the birthday person and their good friends. We love the idea of having guests sign a classic white bowling pin, adding their well wishes for the birthday person so that the birthday guy or gal has a fun keepsake to take home with them. Last but not least, consider having a variety of bowling themed treats on hand to keep the birthday party festive.

50th birthday party ideas
Bowling pin cookies via My Cookie Couture

2.) Wine Tasting Party

A wine tasting 50th birthday party is fantastic idea that can be hosted in your own home. If you are planning a wine tasting party, be sure to have a variety of wines on hand, ranging from dry to sweet and from white to red. Cheese or chocolate pairings have also become a staple when hosting a wine tasting party. Let your guests know about your theme with clever wine bottle shaped 50th birthday invitations like the one below available from Invite Shop. We love how it plays up how the birthday guy or gal has aged like a fine wine!

50th birthday invitations
Aged Perfection 50th Birthday Invitation from Invite Shop

Another option for a wine tasting party is to rent a venue at a winery or vineyard, where wine professionals can guide guests through different types of wine and educate them on their unique qualities. Some wineries offer catering services for parties and events and can offer a beautiful spread of appetizers, such as shrimp cocktail, avocado crostini, or mozzarella and olive skewers. One fun idea that fits in with the theme is using a wine bottle as a guest book so that the birthday gal or guy has a one-of-a-kind memento to keep.

50th birthday party ideas
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3.) Poker Night Party

Poker night 50th birthday parties tend to be a big hit with men, but women have a blast as well. Poker night parties do require a lot of organization, so start planning early. If you’re going to have a lot of guests you’re going to need a lot of tables and chairs, several decks of cards, and poker chip sets, not to mention drinks and food for your guests.  Get your guests excited about your poker night with poker night themed 50th birthday invitations, like the one below from Invite Shop.

50th birthday invitations
Black Poker Night 50th Birthday Invitation from Invite Shop

Set up tournaments and determine what type of poker you’ll be playing, such as Texas Hold’em, 7-Card Stud, or 5-Card Draw. To make sure your guests enjoy themselves, keep the buy-in low or simply play for bragging rights rather than cash. We recommend establishing ground rules and etiquette early to keep guests from becoming frustrated with each other. The party lends itself to an easy black and red color scheme, just like you’d see on the hearts and spades in a deck of playing cards. You could create fun decorations like the one below using DIY dice as an anchor for black and red balloons and more.

50th birthday party ideas
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4.) Hotel Lounge Party

If it’s been years since you’ve gone out for a night on the town, why not use a 50th birthday for an excuse to enjoy cocktails and delicious food at a swanky hotel?  Renting venue space at a boutique hotel and having guests attend in cocktail attire is a great way to enjoy a little glitz and glam. Set the stage for the party with beautiful invitations, like the martini and wine glass embellished example below.

50th birthday invitations
Bright Cheers 50th Birthday Invitation from Invite Shop

You’ll need to do some research to find a hotel venue that is updated, is the proper size for the number of guests, and offers the amenities you need. You don’t want to get stuck in a bare, uninspiring room with industrial carpet from the ‘80s and yellowed curtains. You also don’t want to rent an all-purpose meeting venue that is so large that it looks like no one is attending, even if you have 50 guests.

50th birthday party ideas
Vessel restaurant at Kona Kai Resort, San Diego CA / via NobleHouseHotels.com

5.) Over the Hill Party

An over the hill party is a lighthearted way to celebrate a 50th birthday and mourn impending old age (in jest, of course!). A classic over the hill party uses black and white as a color scheme, but you could easily class it up by inserting a third color, such as gold or silver. Let your guests know about your celebration with invitations that fit the theme.

50th birthday invitations
Green Over The Hill 50th Birthday Invitation from Invite Shop

Over the hill parties are rife with silly puns and cheesy jokes. Some of our favorites that we’ve seen for these parties are goofy highway signage props that say “Hot Flash Highway” or “Arthritis Avenue.” To decorate, you can use simple black picture frames to frame up joke sayings like “The twinkle in your eye is only the reflection of the sun on your bifocals.” We love this hilarious over the hill cake we spotted over on Cake Central.

50th birthday party ideas
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6.) Grandpa Sweater Party

For the nearly 50-year-old in your life with a sense of humor, you could also host a grandpa sweater party. The grandpa sweater party is a goofy twist on the ugly sweater parties that you often see hosted around the winter holidays. Simply invite all the guests to come dressed in their tackiest “old man sweater” and the group will take a vote on who wore the best sweater. Just make sure you specify on your invitations that the party will require an outlandish, frumpy sweater.

50th birthday invitations
Winter Sweater Birthday Party Invite from Invite Shop

To encourage friendly competition, plan to give out fun prizes or plastic trophies for first, second, and third place. You could even commission a creative sweater cake like the one below in keeping with the theme!

50th birthday party ideas
Grandpa cardigan knitted buttercream birthday cake by Fondant Fancy

7.) Country Club Golf Party

A 50th birthday party is a great excuse to arrange a golf outing with the birthday guy or gal and their friends. After the golf game is over, party guests can celebrate at a 50th birthday luncheon at the golf course’s clubhouse or the restaurant on site. Most country clubs offer dining and/or catering options for parties and special events. Let your guests know about 50th birthday celebration with a golf themed 50th birthday invitation.

50th birthday invitations
Golf 50th Birthday Party Invite from Invite Shop

With a little creativity, you can create homemade golf themed party decorations in keeping with the golf theme. We love how a craft blogger over on the Rae of Sparkles blog used print-outs and white paper party lanterns to create clever golf ball decorations in the picture below!

50th birthday invitations
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Now Go Make Memories!

Now that you’ve got a few ideas in mind for how to make a 50th birthday party special, go out and make some memories!

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