Rad First Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

first birthday party ideas for boys

first birthday party ideas for boys

Piles and piles of presents, and all he’ll want to play with is the wrapping paper. Even if your little guy doesn’t quite understand what’s going on, first birthday parties for boys are still plenty of fun for all involved — especially with a cool theme!

We’ve put together a list of first birthday party themes for boys that will make the occasion memorable for you and your guests. From custom first birthday invitations for your guests, to food and decor that goes with your theme, we’ll show you how to carry each idea out from start to finish. Let’s jump right in!

Robot Birthday Party

robot first birthday party

Even though it’s clearly the birthday party theme of the future, a robot party still has a funky retro vibe. The awesome thing about a robot first birthday party is how many creative ways mom and dad can come together to build DIY decor that’s nerd-tacular yet amazing. Think wind-up robot toys as party favors and silver party hats with hot-glued buttons and felt squares made to look like control panels. But first, let’s start with the invitation.

Robot First Birthday Invitations & Outfit

robot first birthday invitations
Sweet Little Robot One Year Old Invitation from Invite Shop

Set the theme for the party with fully customizable robot birthday invitations. If you have friends and family who would enjoy dressing up, you can specify on your invitation to come in a robot costume. Some may show up in store-bought get-ups, but you’d be surprised how many people are up to the challenge of making their own robot costume.

robot first birthday outfit
Inktastic Baby Boys’ Robot 1st Birthday Infant Creeper in Charcoal Gray

While you can go all out with DIY robot costumes, your baby boy will probably be more comfortable in a soft robot onesie like the one above, which comes in more than two dozen different colors.

Robot Food & Snacks

Robot snacks might sound tricky until you think outside the box. Try multi-tiered displays of silver sixlet shimmer candies mixed with silver-foiled chocolate kisses and you have a fun display of “robot parts” for your guests to enjoy. To keep with the silver machinery-toned theme, you can cover a brick of styrofoam with aluminum foil and create a pop-up display of Silver Cherry Mini Unicorn Pops, which are silver and white swirled lollipops that resemble machine coils (but are much more delicious!). For more color, just set out some brightly colored jelly beans or gumdrops and label them “robot buttons.”

Garnish a robot themed cake with edible chocolate candy gears from a chocolate craftsman on Etsy. For a more affordable option, we thought the creative robot cupcake display below using aluminum cans, round cake pans, bottlecaps, and other items from around the house was pure genius:

DIY robot party decorations
Robot Birthday DIY Cupcake Stand via the Spaceships and Laser Beams blog

Nautical First Birthday

nautical first birthday party

With a nautical theme, you have an easy color scheme of classic navy blue and white stripes, with perhaps a touch of beach-ball-inspired primary colors. For decorations, think big bunches of blue and white balloons, blue and white DIY origami sailboats, blue and white layered tablecloths, and blue and white framed photos of your handsome little boy.

With a little help from your local craft store, you can create a DIY nautical vignette by draping decorative manila or cotton sailor rope across your walls from which you can suspend seashells, real dried starfish, and seaglass from twine. You can also scatter leftover shells and handmade origami sailboats around your party food display. You can also have a large glass bottle near your entryway with slips of paper so that guests can leave well wishes for the birthday boy as a “message in a bottle.”

Nautical First Birthday Invitations & Outfit

nautical first birthday invitations
Blue Nautical Boat Frist Birthday Booklet Invitation from Invite Shop

Announce your nautical themed first birthday with a nautical booklet invitation. This style of invitation allows you to share more photos of the birthday boy with family and friends while still offering plenty of room for all the party details. For the first birthday outfit, a navy blue or white sailor outfit is perfectly suited to the theme, always easy to find online, and looks fantastic in photos.

Nautical Food & Snacks

A variety of sea-themed snacks isn’t hard to come by. Consider small displays of the following:

  • Classic goldfish crackers
  • Little Debbie Starfish Cookies (or homemade starfish cookies)
  • Swedish Fish
  • Utz pretzel wheels (these resemble nautical steering wheels and can be easily dipped in white chocolate)
  • Blue and white shark gummies (available at most candy shops)
  • Blue raspberry gummi rings (these resemble little life rings)

Another option is to play up the blue and white color scheme with blue and white colored foods, like blueberries, yogurt covered raisins, or a sweet trail mix that includes miniature marshmallows and blue M&M’s. For drinks, you can’t beat Blue Hawaiian Punch or a homemade blue raspberry punch with little toy sailboats floating on top.

The centerpiece, of course, will be the cake. You can try your hand at a homemade blue velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and a nautical cake topper, or you could have a professional cake maker take on the task. Check out the anchor and life ring details on this awesome cake below!

nautical first birthday cake

Dinosaur First Birthday

dinosaur first birthday party

A perennial favorite, a dinosaur themed first birthday is popular again thanks to Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur and the most recent Jurassic Park sequel. A dinosaur party is easy to style with a green and brown color scheme. You can make your own dino party hats by taking plain cone birthday hats and fastening on simple construction paper dino spikes and spots.

Create a dinosaur jungle in your home by hanging green streamers and making your own green jungle leaves out of construction paper using the many templates available online. Buy dinosaur figurines in bulk and scatter them around your cake display or pass them out as party favors for young children who will be attending.

Dinosaur First Birthday Invitations & Outfit

dinosaur first birthday invitations
Bright Blue Photo Dinosaur 1st Birthday Invitation from Invite Shop

Let your guests know about the dinosaur theme with dinosaur first birthday invitations that you can personalize. A dinosaur first birthday shirt, like this one from Mud Pie, is a must for all those photos you will be taking of your little boy.

dinosaur first birthday outfit
Mud Pie Baby Boys’ Birthday Dino Shortall available on Amazon


Dinosaur Party Food & Snacks

One of the most popular ways of displaying dinosaur themed food is to have “herbivore” and “carnivore” sections whimsically labeled on your food display, where you can have an array of fruit and veggie snacks and dips, as well as meat snacks, like homemade teriyaki meatballs, chicken kabobs, or buffalo wings (which you can cleverly re-name “pterodactyl wings.”)

For sweet treats, we recommend getting your hands on an egg Jello mold and making bright green Jello dinosaur eggs, which are fun to display and even more fun to eat. Then, of course, you have the cake. We love this Chocolate Chips Ahoy Dinosaur Cake we found over on the Butterlust blog; it’s topped with crushed Chips Ahoy cookies that look like gritty dino sand.

Dinosaur Cake
Chocolate Chips Ahoy Dinosaur Cake via the Butterlust blog

Monkey First Birthday

Celebrate a little boy who loves to monkey around with a monkey themed first birthday. You can use monkey stuffed animals and real bananas to inspire your decorations and even your party food. A brown and red color scheme inspired by classic sock monkeys or brown and yellow color scheme inspired by Curious George can be carried out in your balloons, streamers, and more. The first thing you’ll need to do is plan out the invitations and the outfit your baby boy will be wearing for his party.

Monkey First Birthday Invitations & Outfit

monkey first birthday invitations
Monkey With A Balloon First Birthday Invitation from Invite Shop

Get the word out about your little boy’s upcoming celebration with monkey first birthday invitations. Custom invitation companies like Invite Shop let you personalize your own monkey invitations online. As for the outfit, a classic sock monkey outfit is the perfect choice so your little monkey will look adorable in pictures.

Monkey first birthday outfit
Sock Monkey Costume from Disguise Costumes on Amazon

Monkey Party Food & Snacks

For food and snacks, consider the following options:

  • Sweet and savory homemade monkey breads (e.g., garlic and herb; maple and cinnamon)
  • Miniature banana puddings garnished with Nilla Wafers
  • An ice cream bar where guests can craft their own banana splits with all the fixings
  • Banana chips
  • Milk and white chocolate dipped bananas
  • Banana Runts candies in clear jars mixed with malted milk balls
  • Miniature banana breads

monkey first birthday food

Then, of course, there’s the cake. We recommend a classic chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, which will match a brown and yellow color scheme. Have some Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream to offer your guests on the side.

Have Fun!

We hope these first birthday party ideas for boys will inspire you to throw an unforgettable party for your baby boy. Grab a few ideas, add a few of your own, and let the fun begin!

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