Black and White Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Black and white wedding ideas

Black and white wedding ideas

A black and white wedding is the epitome of high class formality, but that classiness often comes with a hefty price tag. The good news is you can cut costs in numerous ways that don’t take anything away from the beauty of your big day. Take a look at these black and white wedding ideas on a budget. From affordable wedding invitations that pack a design punch to black and white DIY projects your guests will ooh and ahh over on your wedding day, we’ve put together a list that can save you big. Here we go!

1.) DIY Black and White Centerpieces

While bridal bouquets can be expensive, the real cost of flowers racks up with floral centerpieces for your reception tables after the wedding. Here’s a money-saving secret: any time you can sub in candles for flowers, you are saving a bundle. Trust us, you don’t want to know what those artfully arranged, black and white calla lilies cost. Instead, opt for a tasteful display of white candles, and dress them up with simple black ribbons or try your hand at these DIY black lace candle holders that we found over on the Sweetest Occasion blog.

black and white wedding on a budget
DIY black lace candle holders via The Sweetest Occasion

2.) Choose Affordable Black and White Invitations

Skip that visit to that pricey wedding invitation boutique and opt for black and white wedding invitations on the cheap from an online invitation specialist like Invite Shop. Invite Shop lets you fully personalize black and white invitations to fit your style without charging you an arm and leg. From highly formal to modern elegance, there’s an affordable option for you at Invite Shop.

Black and White Wedding Invitations
True Love Stripes Wedding Invitation from Invite Shop

3.) Make your own ring bearer pillow.

Why pay $35 for a ring bearer pillow when you can make one on your own for significantly less? There are dozens of tutorials online that take you step by step through the process of sewing these dainty little things. Most of the pillows you’ll see in tutorials are made using traditional white fabric, but we were inspired by this black ring bearer pillow over on the Cozy Cottage Cute blog that uses black canvas twill for the pillow, a contrasting charcoal gray fabric for the decorative fabric flower petals, and a simple white ribbon for fastening the ring. We think this thick textured black fabric looks less gothic and vampy than black satin.

black and white wedding on a budget

4.) Nix the floral bridal bouquet

Opting for something other than flowers for your bridal bouquet is not only a good way to save money, but it’s currently on trend. Increasingly, brides are opting for something less conventional and more to their taste, like handmade brooch bouquets, feather bouquets, lanterns, parasols, and more. Speaking of taste, one quirky idea we love is this black and white lollipop “bouquet” which is tasteful and tasty to boot.

black and white wedding on a budget
via Weddingomania

5.) Think fans instead of flowers for your bridesmaids.

black and white wedding ideas on a budget
via The Budget Savvy Bride

Another trend we love as an alternative to bridesmaids bouquets are lacy, handheld fans. We think the dark green in the photo above adds a nice pop of color to a black and white color scheme, but you could just as easily stick with black or white to keep your wedding colors uniform. The fan below costs about $20 for a ten-pack, and comes in black, blue, green, gold, fuchsia, and violet. Many brides insert gold as a third, accessory color in a black and white wedding and the gold version of these fans is a great, subtle way to include a quick flash of gold.

black and white wedding ideas on a budget
Koyal Wholesale 10-Pack Decorative Vintage Sequin Embroidered Fan in Black

6.) Dress up simple white balloons in black tulle.

White helium balloons all by themselves are a little too reminiscent of junior prom. They look much more grown up with an outer layer of black tulle. You can tie these in bunches with a black ribbon and let them fill up every corner of your reception venue, or you can tie them to the backs of chairs at your ceremony venue.

Black and white wedding ideas on a budget
Tulle Wrapped Balloons via Glitter, Inc.

7.) Use chalkboards.

Chalkboards are a major wedding trend right now. Not only are they affordable, but they add rustic charm to any wedding venue whenever they are used. A few pretty yet practical ideas for using chalkboards in your wedding include menu boards, seating arrangements, and table numbers. One of our favorite uses, however, is the chalkboard sign below spotted on the Double Take Photography blog, which provides a cute and clever timeline sharing details of the couple’s relationship.  

Black and white wedding ideas on a budget
via the Double Take Photography Blog

8.) Make your own white lace wedding jewelry.

Many brides spend a fortune on fancy jewelry they only wear once at their wedding. While you could borrow a few pieces from family or go thrifting for some costume jewelry, we recommend making your own if you have a knack for crafting. You can find the DIY instructions for the white lace piece below on the June Lion blog here. If the white color for your wedding is more of a cream or vintage white, we’ve seen crafters dip their lace in tea with wonderful results.

Black and white wedding ideas on a budget
via June Lion

9.) Chucks & TOMS.

Originally a clever means of dodging formality, wearing classic Chuck Taylors at weddings has become an enduring trend. In fact, everything else about the entire wedding could be formal, and you still might spot Chucks on the groom and/or groomsmen (and occasionally, even the bridesmaids!) Ringing in at about $50 a pop, they make an economical groomsman gift that the groomsmen will actually get long-term use out of.

Black and white wedding ideas on a budget
via Bridal Musings

TOMS, the shoe brand famous for giving away a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair bought, has designed a wedding collection for brides. Not only are TOMS lace canvas shoes much more comfortable to dance in at the reception than a pair of heels, but at around $55, they are more comfortable on the pocketbook as well.

Black and white wedding ideas on a budget

10.) Use black and white photos extensively in your decor.

Put your engagement photos to good use as decor in your wedding in black and white photo frames. Our favorite use of black and white photos as wedding decor was this DIY black and white photo table runner using old family photos that we spotted over on the Ruffled blog. We love how the occasional sepia-toned photo adds richness to this unique table runner. This runner could easily be draped over plain black linens for a fancy affair.

Black and white wedding ideas on a budget
DIY Photo Table Runner via Ruffled

These are just a few ideas to inspire a black and white wedding on a budget. We hope these ideas help you create great memories on your big day without equally great debt!

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