8 Rad Graduation Picture Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

graduation picture ideas

Every year, we see simple pictures of a graduates smiling for the camera in a cap and gown. While that’s all well and good, we think you can do better. To inspire your senior portraits, we’ve gathered the most fun and creative graduation picture ideas and paired each idea with affordable graduation announcements that fit your theme. Let’s take a look!


1.) Blowing Glitter or Confetti

Graduation is a big accomplishment that calls for an equally big celebration! And what’s a celebration without a little glitter and confetti? Blowing glitter or confetti off your hand is a fun and whimsical way to express that you are dusting high school life off your shoulders and ready to ready to move on to the next adventure. 

graduation picture ideas
Photo by Kelly Klatt

Once you’ve had your fun confetti photos taken, use those photos in confetti-themed graduation announcements! We think the Crafty Polaroid Graduation Booklet from Invite Shop would be an excellent pairing for your photos.

graduation announcements
Crafty Polaroid Graduation Booklet Invitation from Invite Shop

2.) Go Vintage

Another trend we’re seeing with graduation pictures is vintage styled shoots. Whether it’s a Roaring ‘20s outfit or posing on the hood of a classic car with old fashioned props, going vintage is always a fun idea. We love the flapper girl styling used below. For a senior guy, it could be fun to go ‘50s-era greaser with slicked back hair and a black leather jacket.

graduation picture ideas
Photo by Ashleigh Wheeler Photography

To accentuate your vintage graduation pictures, choose a graduation announcement design that fits the era. For example, the Art Deco Faux Foil Graduation Announcement below would be a great fit for a Great Gatsby themed graduation photo.

graduation announcements
Art Deco Faux Foil Graduation Announcement from Invite Shop

3.) With a Burst of Color

Create a unique memory leading up to your graduation day with a brightly colored smoke bomb! Have your photographer capture you running with the smoke bomb trail behind you or drawing fun designs in the air with the smoke. It’s an eye-catching special effect your friends and family will love, and a great way to blow off a little steam!

Graduation Picture Ideas
Photo by Robin K Photography

Smoke bombs can be bought fairly cheaply online and are safe enough to hold in your hand as they release billows of jewel-toned awesomeness. Smoke bombs come in a variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite or simply stick with your school’s official colors to match your cap and gown. To really show off your color bomb photos, pick a graduation announcement design that lets your true colors shine through, like the example below.

graduation announcements
Simple and Traditional Graduation Photo Announcement Card from Invite Shop

4.) Posing with a Childhood Photo

What better way to show loved ones how much you’ve grown than by holding up a childhood photo of yourself while posing in your cap and gown? It’s a fun way to take friends and family on a stroll down memory lane, showing that while you’ve become a young adult, you’re still a kid at heart.

graduation picture ideas
Photo by Alma Montelongo aka “The Mamarazzi” via Pinterest

Another great way to show off your childhood photos is with a graduation announcement that’s designed to show loved ones how you’ve changed over the years. A multi-photo design from Invite Shop allows you post a baby photo, two childhood photos at different ages, and, of course, your stunning senior portrait.

graduation announcements
Purple Graduation Announcement from Invite Shop

5.) With Creative Chalk Art

If you consider yourself an artist, why not try your hand at some clever chalk art to accentuate your graduation pictures? We love the example below, where the senior is a stand-in for a number in her graduation year. Another fun idea is drawing balloons with chalk and posing like you’re being whisked away by them.

graduation picture ideas
Photo by Franklin Photography

Many of Invite Shop’s graduation announcement designs incorporate a chalkboard look. For example, the Glitter Confetti Chalkboard Graduation Announcement below features an eye-catching chalkboard background. Since both sides of the card can be customized, you can include your full-sized grad picture on the back.

graduation announcements
Glitter Confetti Chalkboard Graduation Announcement from Invite Shop

6.) Riding a Bike

Your high school graduation is a moment you’ll never forget, just like you never forget how to ride a bike! An action shot of you riding a colorful bicycle is just the thing to bring energy to your graduation pictures. We love how the photo below has bright pops of color in both the outfit and the bike itself.

graduation photo ideas
A bicycle is a surprisingly good senior photo prop!

A bicycle-themed photo shoot is sure to produce some fabulous graduation picture ideas. Instead of just choosing one to share in your graduation announcements, why not share several of your favorites? Invite Shop offers unique booklet graduation announcements that provide plenty of room for full-sized photos.

graduation announcements
Beautiful Peach Floral Pattern Graduation Booklet Announcement from Invite Shop

7.) Against a Gritty Brick Wall

Brick walls project a sense of strength and gritty determination. Seniors who live in the big city may have a favorite graffiti image that will always remind them of their home town. Others may like the blank slate of plain brick. Either way, great photos will result.

graduation picture ideas
A brick wall projects strength and grit.

We love how the understated design of the Black & White Stripe Graduation Announcement below allows the grittiness of the brick wall photo shoot to shine through. Better yet, each page of this booklet gives you a chance to share details about your graduation ceremony and party, your college and career plans, and any other details you’d like to share.

graduation announcements
Black & White Stripe Graduation Announcement from Invite Shop

8.) The Supergrad

A “supergrad” shot is the perfect memory for your actual graduation day. After all, who doesn’t want to tear open that stuffy graduation gown to reveal the true superhero underneath? A classic blue and red superman T-shirt should do the trick, but a Wonder Woman outfit would be awesome too for senior girls!

graduation picture ideas
Photo by Black Forest Photography

Show off your supergrad shot with a simple graduation announcement design where your senior photo is the main draw. We recommend Invite Shop’s Modern Typography Graduation Announcement, shown below.

graduation announcements
Modern Typography Graduation Announcement from Invite Shop

We hope these ideas inspire you to create unique memories of those precious days before you turn the tassel.

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