8 Marvelous Mason Jar Wedding Ideas

mason jar wedding ideas

Mason jars aren’t just for canning anymore. Over the past five years, crafters have had a heyday with these simple, sturdy glass jars, using them for everything from baby rooms to holiday gifts to general home decor. One of our favorite uses for mason jars, however, is in weddings. Take a look at some of the mason jar wedding ideas we’ve put together. From affordable wedding invitations to easy DIY mason jar wedding centerpieces, you’re sure to find the inspiration you need!

Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

mason jar wedding invitations
Coral and Mint Country Floral Wedding Invitation from Invite Shop

What better way to get your guests excited for a vintage or rustic themed wedding than with a wedding invitation shaped like a mason jar? The simple die-cut mason jar shape is available through Invite Shop, which offers full customization for wedding invitations at a bargain price. We think the floral embellishment above would be perfect for a vintage themed wedding, but you could always try out a wood grain background for a rustic barn wedding. This eye-catching invitation shape transforms a basic invitation into a unique keepsake your guests will want to keep on their fridge for years.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason jars are an amazing anchor for wedding centerpieces. Flowers and candles can easily be tucked away inside a mason jar, and since they come in different sizes, you can even create centerpieces of varying heights, like you would with vases. Another option for mason jar centerpieces is to pair them with old glass milk bottles, other antique glass bottles, and wine bottles that have had the labels removed.

mason jar wedding ideas
via Deer Pearl Flowers / Photo Credit: Andie Freeman Photography

While the plain clear mason jars fit in with any wedding color scheme, you can incorporate your exact color palette with a simple coat of spray paint. Some of our favorite DIY mason jar wedding centerpieces have featured mason jars dipped in gold glitter or sprayed with pastel or metallic spray paints. An even simpler way to dress your mason jar wedding centerpieces is with a ribbon around the neck or a wrapping of burlap fabric or white lace, like the image below.

mason jar wedding ideas
via a Brit & a Blonde

Mason Jar Wedding Decorations

One of the sweetest ways of using mason jars in your wedding is in floral arrangements along your ceremony aisle. You can dangle mason jar floral arrangements from in-ground plant hangers for an outdoor wedding or suspend the mason jars from chairs using sturdy ribbon or twine. For example, one simply lovely idea we’ve seen was lavender sheaves arranged in mason jar aisle displays for an outdoor vineyard wedding. While candles are always an option for ceremony aisle decor in mason jars, we recommend using battery powered candles on the off chance one of the aisle displays could get knocked over by a guest. You wouldn’t want to set the wedding aisle on fire!

mason jar wedding ideas
via Something Turquoise / Brooke Photography & Design

Suspending mason jars full of flowers from tree branches or exposed beams is a great option for an outdoor wedding or a barn wedding. Since these will be literally right above your guests heads, it’s imperative to make sure they are securely fastened. However, since the jars are so high up, you don’t have to put as much effort into the arrangement — even a handful of baby’s breath will do the trick.

mason jar wedding ideas
Photo by Steven Michael Photography

Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Personalized mason jars are an increasingly popular choice for wedding favors, but our favorite idea is just a little sweeter. We like the idea of tucking away some homemade treats inside of the mason jar wedding favors so that your guests can enjoy them twice — once to enjoy a tasty snack from and once to drink out of once they take their mason jars home. Caramel popcorn is a budget friendly favorite, but other ideas might include homemade puppy chow, trail mix, or shortbread cookies. We also love the idea below featuring everything the guest would need for a boozy Bailey’s hot chocolate after the wedding!

mason jar wedding ideas
via good-n-you.com

Mason Jar Wedding Arbor

For an outdoor wedding, consider dressing up the wedding arbor, arch, or trellis with tasteful floral arrangements in mason jars. You can use just a few jars or a whole lot of jars, depending on the look you are going for. Careful thought should go into these mason jar arch arrangements, as they will be the backdrop for all the photos that will be taken of the happy couple at the altar. If you plan to be spare in the rest of your mason jar floral arrangements, consider the wedding arbor the one place to go for more of a lush look. That way, the background of the most essential wedding photos will not be bare.

mason jar wedding ideas
via DestinationWeddingMag.com

Mason Jars and Ladders

Mason jars and wooden ladders go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s pretty much the perfect rustic pairing. Keep it simple with just tea candles or small floral arrangements in the mason jars, or dress up the display with twinkle lights or ivy. For an easy DIY, look for a vintage wood ladder at a second hand store and try your hand at sanding, painting, and distressing it to achieve the look you’re after.

mason jar wedding ideas
via LoveMyDress.net

Mason Jar Sand Ceremony

One of the most touching moments during a wedding is a sand ceremony, where the bride and the groom both pour sand from smaller containers into one larger container. This small ceremony is considered symbolic of the bride and groom becoming one in marriage. Mason jars are the perfect container for this memorable ceremony, as they come in all different shapes and sizes. The bride and groom can then take the larger mason jar home so that they can display the blended sand on their mantle where it will become a cherished memento.

mason jar wedding ideas
via DisneyWeddings.com

Mason Jar Drinks for Guests

Outdoor ceremonies can get toasty, especially on a hot summer day. One great idea to cool guests down is to have fruit-infused water in mason jars on ice so that your guests can quench their thirst during the ceremony. For a barn wedding, consider using mason jars for drink cups during the reception so that guests can wash down their wedding cake with some southern style sweet tea or refreshing lemonade.

mason jar wedding ideas
via ThirstyForTea.com

A Memorable Mason Jar Wedding

Incorporating mason jars in your wedding decor is a beautiful and budget friendly way to make your wedding special. We hope these mason jar wedding ideas inspire you to plan the vintage or rustic wedding of your dreams!

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