Top 10 Inexpensive Baby Shower Ideas

Inexpensive Baby Shower Ideas

Inexpensive Baby Shower Ideas

When you’re planning a baby shower on a budget, options like catered food and custom cakes quickly go out the window. To help you pull off an amazing shower without breaking the bank, we’re sharing these inexpensive baby shower ideas that can save you big — without making you look like a cheapskate. From cute yet affordable baby shower invitations to pretty, homemade treats, here are some ideas the mother-to-be and her guests will love.

1.) Host the party in a free venue.

Venue rentals are expensive, so one surefire way to cut costs is to host the baby shower at a free or low-cost location, such as a friend’s large home, the common area of a high-end apartment building, or a local park. If the weather is nice, outdoor baby showers can be serene and beautiful, while offering guests fresh air and plenty of room to mingle. Just make sure you contact the city or county to reserve an outside space plenty of time in advance.

2.) Send cheap baby shower invitations.

inexpensive baby shower invitations
Baby Blue Chevron Nautical Baby Shower Invitation from Invite Shop

You can create custom invitations online for a fraction of the price of boutique invitation shops with online invitation services like Invite Shop. Starting at only 49 cents a card, you can personalize a card from top to bottom by experimenting with fun colors, fonts, and embellishments, without paying a premium to do so. Invite Shop even offers baby shower cards in the shapes of onesies and baby bottles! It’s definitely worth looking into.

3.) Decorate with paper flowers.

inexpensive baby shower ideas
Paper flowers via A Beautiful Mess blog

Nothing beats the look of fresh flowers, but when you’re on a budget, sometimes you have to get creative. Consider adorning the party venue with beautiful handmade paper flowers using one of the many tutorials you’ll find online. Check out this online tutorial for making rolled paper roses that can be scattered around the food and gift tables, suspended from twine garlands, or simply fastened to the wall for beautiful pops of color that don’t cost a fortune.

4.) Display free printables in upcycled, thrifted photo frames.

inexpensive baby shower ideas
Framed printable and maternity photos as shower decor (via The Little Umbrella)

The internet abounds with beautiful free printables you can display as decor at a baby shower. All you need to do is find a variety of photo frames or canvas frames at thrift stores and spray paint them all white for a uniform look. Intersperse these framed printables with maternity photos of the mother-to-be, and famous quotes about babies. You can even select a pretty font and frame up your shower menu with descriptions of the food and drinks.

5.) Spray paint quirky thrift store items for unique decorative pieces

inexpensive baby shower ideas
A vintage birdcage is the centerpiece of this shower theme featured on the Oh It’s Perfect! blog

Old birdcages, teapots, ceramic vases, candle holders,and animal figurines might look ugly on a thrift store shelf, but with a little soap and water and a touch of spray paint, they turn into one-of-a-kind baby shower decorations. You can achieve a high-end look by using silver or gold metallic spray paint, a vintage look by going plain white, or just select colors that closely match the baby shower color scheme, such as soft pink or powder blue.

Tip: Get a little help from the paint desk staff at your local hardware store to make sure you choose the correct spray paint for the material to be painted, such as wood, plastic, or ceramic. If you spray paint a material that the paint was not formulated to coat, the result could turn out blotchy.

6.) Create DIY cloud and raindrop decorations

inexpensive baby shower ideas
Tissue paper clouds and paper raindrops

This YouTube video takes you step by step through making a pretty rainbow showers mobile out of tissue paper and wire. You can dangle these pretty little decorations from the ceiling to serve as conversation pieces that play up the baby shower concept. As an added bonus, you may find that the mother-to-be wants to take these beauties home and use them for nursery decorations.

As an alternative to paper clouds, you can tie bunches of white helium balloons together to create a cloud-like look from which you can dangle paper raindrops from twine.  

7.) Use twine and clothespins for DIY garlands.

inexpensive baby shower ideas

Twine and clothespins are cheap and readily available online or your local craft store. Use stencils and fine scrapbook paper to create beautiful paper words, or you can buy a few yards of thin, pretty fabric and cut it into triangles suspended from clothespins for an easy, fabric pennant garland. Pennant banner templates are easy to find online; all you need to do is print one out and use it as a stencil for your fabric.

8.) Decorate your own homemade baby shower cake.

inexpensive baby shower ideas
DIY cake topper via A Pair of Pears

It’s not difficult to find a tried-and-true cake recipe that the mom-to-be and her guests will love, but decorating that cake? That’s the hard part. The trick is keeping the frosting simple and adding a sweet, homemade cake topper using bits of thin fabric, string, and two wooden skewers. Or you can use this handy printable and step-by-step instructions for a bunting cake topper over on the A Pair of Pears blog.

9.) Create your own custom playlist.

Who needs a DJ when you can create your own custom playlist? Borrow an iPod dock from a friend and play upbeat favorites from Jack Johnson, Joshua Radin, John Mayer, and Sara Bareilles that guests can sing along to and that easily fade into the background. Here are a few good playlists to get you started:

10.) Dip regular snacks in white coating for dressed-up desserts

inexpensive baby shower ideas

White chocolate dipped Oreos and Nutella puppy chow look so fancy when presented on a pretty serving dish that it’s easy to forget they were once nothing but plain chocolate sandwich cookies and Chex cereal. Dipping any treat in white chocolate or powdered sugar instantly dresses it up, giving plain jane snacks a delicious facelift. Just don’t get any powdered sugar on your hostess outfit.

Along those lines, cake pops are trendy additions to any baby shower, but can cost a bundle to have custom made. You can make easy white chocolate dipped cake pops using boxed cake mix using this handy cake pop tutorial over at Divas Can Cook.

In Summary

A little determination, creativity, and elbow grease is all it takes to make a baby shower both beautiful and thrifty. With these 10 ideas in tow, we’re hoping you’re inspired to DIY your way to an affordable baby shower.

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