10 Creative Moving Announcements To Try

creative moving announcements

Looking for an unconventional way to let your friends and family know you’ve moved? You don’t have to be limited by standard moving announcements! For people who want something a bit more original, we thought we’d share a few of the more creative moving announcements we’ve come across, including DIY moving announcements and a few of our own here at Invite Shop. If you’re looking for inexpensive moving announcements that are still quirky, this is the blog post for you!

creative moving announcements

1.) Let Your Dog Do the Talking

Do you have a beloved pooch that will be making the move with you? Then why not let your dog make the announcement? Hop on over to the All Puppies and Love shop on Etsy to get one of these clever photo props or try your hand at making one yourself! It’s a great option for a photo moving announcement because, let’s face it, your dog is the most photogenic one in the family anyway.

creative moving announcements
We’ve Moved Announcement Card photo prop from All Puppies and Love on Etsy

2.) House-Shaped Moving Announcements

A moving announcement shaped like a house is one your friends just can’t miss. Invite Shop offers nearly all of its moving announcement designs with this house-shaped trim as an option. You can incorporate photos in these clever designs or just do text only, customizing the background colors and fonts to your preferences. It’s the perfect DIY without all the elbow grease!

cheap moving announcements
Green Nature Pattern Photo Strip Moving Announcement from Invite Shop

3.) Incorporate Maps

The impeccable Martha Stewart shared this great DIY moving announcement incorporating maps of your new neighborhood. We love the handmade aesthetic of this little project. The use of maps and state silhouettes is just brilliant. You can execute this idea using the steps discussed on the Martha Stewart website.

creative moving announcements
via MarthaStewart.com

Another map-inspired option for the less crafty is the moving announcement below, which features your journey across the U.S. to your new state. The back of this postcard moving announcement features a customizable state silhouette. Invite Shop lets you personalize your postcard by adding your own state embellishments, fonts, and background colors.

creative moving announcements
Cream Vintage Style Moving Announcement from Invite Shop

4.) Moving Boxes Photo Op

We love this moving announcement photo we found over on the TwoPlus.us blog. It’s an easy photo op for a newly married couple moving into their first home. As an alternative, you can sub in your kids emerging from their long journey in a box.

creative moving announcements
via TwoPlus.us

The moving box motif is a fun design theme over all for a moving announcement. Invite Shop has a few options that play into this theme. You can feature your moving box photo op on the friendly little photo card below, which features a moving box on the front and space for a photo on the back.

creative moving announcements
Tan Packing Box Moving Announcement from Invite Shop

5.) Origami Moving Announcements

If you have skills in folding paper, then you might be intrigued by these house-shaped moving announcements that use a free printable and some origami-like paper folding skills. You can find the step-by-step instructions for these awesome geometric-inspired announcements over on the Oh Happy Day blog. These are a great option for housewarming party invitations!

creative moving announcements
via Oh Happy Day

6.) Say ‘We’ve Moved’ in a Different Way

Don’t limit yourself to the phrase “We’ve moved.” You can use a catchier slogan to get your message across. One of our favorite examples is the nautical themed moving announcement below. We think it’s particularly perfect if you happen to move next to the ocean, but hey, whatever floats your boat!

creative moving announcements
We’ve Dropped Anchor Moving Announcement from Invite Shop

Another way of saying you’ve moved is saying you have a new nest. The design below features a cheery bird’s nest embellishment that’s sure to make your friends and family smile.

creative moving announcements
New Nest Moving Announcement from Invite Shop

7.) Use Chalkboards

Chalkboards have become a crafter’s darling over the past five years. These old school slates are being used in everything from weddings and parties to home decor. We loved seeing a chalkboard used in this photo featured on the Paloma Lisa Photography blog. The photo was taken for an anniversary photo shoot highlighting the featured couple’s first apartment, but we think this type of picture would look great on a photo moving announcement.

creative moving announcements
via Paloma Lisa Photography

If you like the chalkboard aesthetic, Invite Shop has a beautiful chalkboard themed moving announcement design available. You can use the design below as is or customize it from top to bottom.

creative moving announcements
Bold Chalkboard New Home Moving Announcement from Invite Shop

8.) Bubble Wrap Moving Announcements

These clever moving party invitations just entail a square of bubble wrap between a piece of cardboard and some cardstock, tied together with twine. While these were created for a moving party, we feel they would work great for a DIY moving announcement too. Since everyone loves to pop bubble wrap, you’re giving your friends and family a fun little gift while you’re at it. Glean some tips for this project from the Somewhat Simple blog, where this fun idea is featured.

creative moving announcements
via Somewhat Simple

9.) Paint Swatch Moving Announcement

When you move into a new house, one of the first things that happens is the walls get a fresh coat of paint. You can pull this theme into your moving announcements with DIY paint swatch moving announcements, like the example below. Homemade paint swatch announcements use the free paint swatches available at any major paint or hardware store, so they’re just about as cheap as it gets. You can get more information on the project below over on the Hand Make My Day blog.

creative moving announcements
via Hand Make My Day

However, if a DIY is the last thing you want to do after moving piles of moving boxes, you can let Invite Shop do the work for you. Customize the clever paint swatch design below to look exactly the way you want without all the cutting and printing! And at 79 cents a card, it’s a pretty cost-effective option too.

creative moving announcements
Classic Monogram Postcard Moving Announcement from Invite Shop

10.) DIY Cardboard Moving Announcements

Last but not least, another option for the crafty individual are these easy peasy cardboard moving announcements. If you can cut apart a plain cardboard box, apply packing tape, and affix some priority mail postal stickers, you can make these fairly easily. The blogger who made these nifty little announcements dressed up the back of these moving announcements with some pretty scrapbook paper, which we thought was a great idea. While she happened to go dumpster diving for the boxes she needed, you might just have all the material you need if you have a packages delivered to your home on a regular basis. The complete DIY can be found over on the Elizabeth Anne Designs blog.

creative moving announcements
via Elizabeth Anne Designs

If you don’t feel like crafting, Invite Shop has its own cardboard box design that would work just as well (and doesn’t require cutting apart cardboard boxes). You can customize the design below to meet your needs by choosing your own colors, fonts, trim, embellishments, and more!

creative moving announcements
Kraft Package Box Moving Announcement from Invite Shop

We hope these 10 creative moving announcement ideas inspire you to think outside the box when you send your new address to friends and family!


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